Whilst we are not currently part of a network of churches, we value the encouragement and wisdom that comes from our relationships with experienced leaders. These are the people that know us and we trust to speak into the life of the congregation. They visit us, preach, lead house-parties and are the go-to people for anyone in the congregation!

Vince  and ClioVince & Clio Turner happily led the congregation from 2000 to 2016. They were called on by God to continue ministry running a Christian Conference and teaching centre at Weycroft Hall in Devon. They maintain strong links with the congregation.

Listen to their call to Weycroft here (Sun 21/2/16): A God Story

Powerpoint to go with audio: Powerpoint A God Story


John  Erika

John & Erika James were founding members and long time leaders of our fellowship. We maintain strong links with them and they are now elders in their Baptist church in Bexhill-on-sea.


Emmanuel Rucyaba is the senior pastor of a network of churches, Life Ministries Christian Centre, spreading through Uganda and neighbouring countries. He is a Pastor to pastors and visits us each year with his humility and Christ likeness.


 Paul Hopkins of Pure Fire (out of YWAM) brings a strong prophetic voice to the congregation and opens up heaven for us.

StuartStuart Lees is the vicar of Christ Church, Fulham and with his strong teaching gifting has ministered to many in the congregation through Jesus Ministry

Michael Michael Ross-Watson is a globally respected Bible teacher and long term friend of the congregation. He and his wife Esther previously ministered in Westminster and know many in the congregation.